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I am forever losing things!

I lose, or misplace my bank card whenever I’ve used it and forgotten to put it back in my purse. I lose my keys, and Ian’s on a daily basis. I lose my phone on an hourly basis. And in the past 6 months I’ve lost four pairs of sunglasses! We have places for each of these items; hooks for keys, purses for cards and cases for glasses, and yet still, I end up running around frantically asking whoever is there, “have you seen my…(enter as appropriate)?”

My husband is just as bad as me, and I am always getting the blame for his misplaced items, but my nan does get frustrated that I leave her house 5 or 6 times before I have everything I brought with me. Ironically enough the day before this product arrived for me to review he lost his set of car keys, which was extremely frustrating!

So when I was asked to review the Beets Blu key finder, my first review by request by the way, I jumped at the chance.

Beets Blu key finder

To use the key finder you need to download an app called PaperTag which allows you to track the key finder. I have an Android Samsung Galaxy Note 6 which is compatible. The app, and key finder, don’t just work for keys, if you can attach the device to something then you can track it with the app! The device is very small and light, as you can see in comparison to my Waitrose key fob, and would easily fit inside a wallet so you could also keep track of that.

Beets Blu key finder

I hid my keys and then sounded the alarm from the app, and it took me seconds after walking into the right room to find them. There is a feature on the app which will alert you if the device moved out of a certain range, and you can see the location of your item from the app too. You can also programme the button on the device to take a picture or play a sound on the phone it’s linked to, which could be useful. Beets Blu key finder

However, I will say that there a few flaws! I don’t tend to keep my Bluetooth on all the time as it does drain my battery very quickly, and I found having to keep it on rather annoying. Plus the range is so short that every single time I left the room my keys were in, my phone started beeping to say that it was no longer connected to the device. This also happened when I went to the toilet, the kitchen and was trying to out her to sleep. This made very little sense as if I were to lose them and want to find them, presumably they would be more than 2 feet away from me. The app was a little hard to work out as there were no instructions and half of the time when I pressed buttons they didn’t work.

wpid-screenshot_2015-07-14-10-13-54.pngI managed to pair them, but found the instruction leaflet a bit frustrating as it doesn’t really go into enough detail about how to do it, and has no further guidance for usage! When I want to find my phone I often use Google Device Manager to find it, where you can see its location on a map, and ring it even if it’s on silent, but this sadly wasn’t as useful.

The device only really seems to be useful if it’s in range of your Bluetooth phone and you will know when it’s not as the beep is rather annoying! Great concept, but sadly flawed.

**I was sent this item free of charge to review, but regardless, the review and all opinions are mine**

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