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And now time for a bit of shameless self-promotion!

For the last eight months I have spent every moment that I have had at least one hand free planning and starting a new business called Boobbix. The name kind of gives away the general idea of the business but I will elaborate anyway.

Having breastfed exclusively for 6 months, and continued to breastfeed with solids until now, and fully planning to continue until she’s had enough, I have experienced many ups and downs with Savannah nursing.  I will firstly point out that I utterly love breastfeeding!  However, biting, maternity bras and pads, pumping and fussing at the breast are not on my top 10 favourite things! Topping them off though is the worry that I’ve been doing something wrong or wondering if her fussing and thumping is a way of telling me she’s not getting enough milk or is done with the boob for good!  I spent a lot of the early days of feeding being told how to feed her and when to feed her, and having comments on how often she fed.  I also have had problems with trying to pump enough milk to enable her to drink from a bottle so I can leave her with Ian, my mum or nan for a while.

She has always been a frequent feeder! Up until 5 months old she was pretty much on the hour, every hour, and although we have spaced them out during the day she still feeds frequently at night due to co-sleeping with me.  She still does this whenever she gets ill, and when she recently had tonsillitis and wouldn’t eat or drink, she was on me all the time.

As time went on and we became more experienced at feeding, I began to worry less about latching and timings, and more about my boobs shrinking daily whilst Savannah still wanted me. I also worried that I wouldn’t have enough to pump whilst she continued to feed as frequently as she does; I dislike pumping and don’t do it very often, but I do dream about being able to go out again without having to whack my boob out over dinner, and if I can pump then I can hopefully one night leave her with my mum or nan whilst me and Ian attempt to remember what it feels like to eat out as adults again.

I am the only one of my friends that kept breastfeeding past 3 months, let alone into toddlerhood, and I know that the majority of my friends who did stop early did so because of fears of their supply not being adequate.  I knew from lactation consultants and research online that you pretty much always have enough milk for your baby, even when your breasts have shrunk, but still I was worried about not producing enough milk to pump and satisfy her. So I looked online and found out about lactation cookies. I found them difficult to get in the UK and importing them from America was expensive. I found recipes and tried them, but a lot of them tasted like Brewers Yeast, one of the main milk stimulants in lactation cookies, and therefore I had no desire to eat them, even if they would have made me a super milky mummy again!

With a passion for baking, and a lot of feeding time on my hands, I started developing my own recipes and after trying and discovering that they could boost my milk supply whilst not tasting foul, I started forming Boobbix with the intention of selling these to other mums who needed a milk and confidence boost. My brother, who comes from a Michelin-starred catering background and has had to have every conversation with me alongside one or both of my breasts, joined me in making sure that the recipes were effective, tasty and also nutritious to ensure that mummy and baby are getting plenty of nutrients and vitamins needed whilst breastfeeding. My husband Ian has been amazing at helping me with every element of this project, listening to hours and hours of ideas, spending hours and hours helping me design and tweak the packaging, coming to meetings with me when I was too nervous to do it on my own and of course tasting every different recipe!

I started trials with mums at various stages of breastfeeding and had some really positive comments about the taste, but most importantly about the effects they were seeing, and feeling, after a only a few days of eating the cookies.  Since then we have been finishing the website, designing and sorting the packaging, and trying to figure out everything we need to know before we launch.

But… drum roll please, the time has come!

So today my website goes live, and I’m hoping that all the time, effort and money we’ve poured into this pays off! Boobbix has become my other baby, after the real one and the cat of course, and I would love to get the word out so that breastfeeding mums can buy a pack and see if they work any wonders for them! I am so proud of our products and know that they can make a real difference for mums.


How do Boobbix Lactation Cookies work?

All of our products contain four main ingredients that have long been known to increase to breast milk supply. These ingredients are known as Galactagogues, which can increase breast milk supplies. Many women worldwide use different ingredients to stimulate and increase milk production, and lactation cookies are just the more convenient and tasty of them!

None of our products have added preservatives, and where we can we use organic and free-range ingredients to ensure that they are as healthy and natural as possible. They are also packaged in re-sealable pouches, to ensure that they are as fresh, convenient and hassle-free as possible.

Boobbix are also great for getting a little energy burst, especially as nursing can consume anywhere from 50-125% more energy, and burn 300-500 extra calories daily. With refined sugars the energy boost you get is only temporary and is quickly followed by a slump; that’s why we only use unrefined sugars and flours to make sure that it’s a longer lasting boost!

Although our products are intended to boost milk supply, they are also completely safe to be eaten by anyone else, including as happens in my family a hungry husband or grandmother! They also make brilliant gifts for mothers-to-be and new mums, especially from one experienced mother to another!

With most women eating 1-2 cookies a day, it is usually only a few days before they start seeing, and feeling, an increase.

The Ingredients

Oats contain plenty of fibre, vitamins, whole grains, antioxidants, iron and vitamins and are used worldwide as traditional remedies for boosting breast milk production. They provide a slow release of energy and are also dense in calories, which is important for breastfeeding mothers whose daily calorie intake is recommended to be between 2500 – 2700.

Flaxseed is extremely beneficial for both mother and baby as it is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital in brain development for babies. As babies take omega-3 from their mothers through breastfeeding, the mother’s levels tend to reduce and so topping up on this is great for both of you. It also contains a healthy amount of fibre.

The third ingredient is Brewer’s Yeast, which is known for stimulating and increasing milk supply, and used because of the high levels of iron, amino acids, protein and B-vitamins. It is also extremely good for breastfeeding mothers as it fights fatigue and is believed to have positive effects on mood, including the baby-blues.

And lastly is Fenugreek, which has been added to many recipes and supplements for centuries to increase milk supply.


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