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As those of you that have read my previous post on feeding will know, I breastfeed Savannah and love doing so. As a frequently fed baby it is obvious that I have to feed her in public, and in her four short months this has seen me feeding her in feeding rooms, cars, cafes, restaurants, toilets, cloakrooms and park benches. Some of the facilities provided by restaurants, shops and shopping centres are truly outdated, grim and uncomfortable, leading me to feed in public places. There are times, such as whilst shopping at Marks and Spencer in Camberley or Harrods, that I will opt for the feeding rooms, but this is only because they are nicer than my house and quieter than the packed shopping floors.

The first couple of weeks were difficult for me as I had to adjust to feeding in public, but I was never ashamed or embarrassed. I was just awkward getting her on without exposing my entire torso to whoever was nearby. I do use a Bebeaulait cloak, but this is to save myself from the prying and judging eyes of those around me who are apparently not aware of the primary function of breasts. It’s generally older people who look on in shock as if I’d just ripped my clothes off and started performing some sexy dance.  Some men have told me that they feel awkward when I am breastfeeding as they don’t know where to look, which makes me wonder where the fuck they were looking to begin with…? How about my eyes? Breasts aren’t intended as sex objects; if you think that they are that and this makes you uncomfortable it is your own misfortune. Best you deal with it as quietly as possible please.

For the last month or so boobs are everywhere I look. The recent scandal with Louise Burns, the Victoria’s Secret show in London, the pictures of breastfeeding mums taken off of Facebook, Kim Kardashian’s nude “break the Internet” photos, Tamara Ecclestone’s breastfeeding photo shot with Tyler Shields and the café in Surrey that had a sign advertising the disabled toilets as he preferred feeding location. The most recent case of Louise Burns has sparked an outcry of different sides vying to have their opinion heard to either congratulate or criticise women who breastfeed in public. Mothers, fathers, celebrities and politicians alike have taken to the Internet to get their say across. Sadly some opinions have been quite misogynistic and outdated.

Just like the boy who pulls your hair at school, or the girl who drinks too much on a night out, Jeremy Clarkson, in typical fashion, is attempting to be radical in order to get a rise out of people. He thrives, and presumable financially benefits, from courting controversy and this is exactly what he has achieved with his comments.  Best he is ignored by those who know they will disagree wit him. Nigel Farage, similarly, is not exactly known for being the most worldly and open man; so as to his comments regarding women being better sitting in the corner of a room in order to not embarrass the older generation, why are we surprised? Did anyone truly expect him to be the breastfeeding spokesman, telling women and Claridge’s that Louise Burns had every right to be breastfeeding publicly without being shamed by an establishment she had paid to be in? I think that’s about as likely as him holding an all races welcome party at his home! I particularly like his idea that some women are “ostentacious” when breastfeeding, something I’ve never even considered whilst whirling my breasts in the face of every passer by!

Breasts are first and foremost for feeding! I am not ashamed of doing what is best for my baby, I am more ashamed of the people who judge a woman’s right to do so in public.

Breastfeeding my beautiful one day old daughter.

Breastfeeding my beautiful one day old daughter.

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  • Ian

    Well done. Dont know how many people have yet to see a breast?

    08/12/2014 at 8:34 pm Reply
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