Calpol and cuddles


Savannah has had a raspy chest on and off since the day she was born. Midwives, health visitors and doctors have told us that her chest is clear, it’s probably just mucus and that she probably has got a thin pipe in her throat as it’s not developed properly yet and it’s nothing to worry about. Even so it’s quite unsettling when your child sounds like Dot Cotton.

Unfortunately though this preexisting bad chest has now been coupled with a cold that has made the last three days horrible for her and us. It started slowly Friday morning with a bit of a runny nose and a small cough, so being new parents with a tendency to panic we went straight to Boots to bulk buy Calpol, baby Vicks and saline drops. By that night she had got a lot worse; her nose was running constantly, she was red with watery tired eyes, not sleeping, raspier than usual and choking when she coughed. She didn’t want to be put down and so we carried her around cuddling her all night. She went from her usual beautiful smiling self to a snotty and sad baby within minutes and wanted to be fed EVEN more than usual.

By Saturday she was not herself and kept screaming out of nowhere. Her deep coughs were hurting her and so whenever she coughed it woke her up and made her cry even more. I was still giving her Calpol but she also has a real dislike of it and so ale have to give it to her as a tag team holding her down and making sure she doesn’t spit it all back out again. To be honest, a drip would’ve been ideal in this situation. She couldn’t get more than half an hour sleep and she was being really fussy on the boob, presumably because her nose was so blocked up that she couldn’t breathe properly whilst on.

Poor poorly Chunk

Poor poorly Chunk

So roll on last night. The other half showered with her hoping that a bit of steam and mint shower gel might help clear her a bit of mucus and we continued with the feeding, cuddling and calpol. I went to the shop at 7 for 5 minutes leaving her sleeping on her dad, but when I got back I could hear her screaming from outside (quite some feat as we live four flights up!). When I got up I cuddled her and walks around singing the only three nursery rhymes I could remember, and will now remember for my entire life as they were repeated so many times, Baa baa black sheep, Twinkle twinkle little star and Frère Jacques. Just as she seemed to be going off I heard a warning heave and luckily used my cat like dexterity (HA!) to move over a towel before she projectile vomited all over me and the floor.

I feel so sorry for her as she can’t tell me what she wants and is so tired and ill. Her usually bubbly personality has taken a back seat to this cold and it’s really heartbreaking when she cries as she really looks so sad. Two days and nights of no sleep has left her ratty as well and has definitely also taken a toll on the husband. More worryingly for me is this is only a cold! How will we cope with a whole childhood of chicken pox and fevers??

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