Dressing my daughter


When I first got pregnant I started looking at baby clothes almost straight away, and in my naive and deluded mind I had visions of my daughter or son wearing beautiful clothes and tiny shoes that remained clean and perfect.  By the time I found out we were having a girl I started buying little bits here and there; some vests and baby grows because my mum told me to, a Burberry cardigan (because I was a total twat), some Marks essentials and a floral Ted Baker dress.

When I was 6 months pregnant we went away to Miami for three weeks and I spent a small fortune on these beautiful outfits that I was convinced would be the right size for the season and totally appropriate for everyday wear.

Then Savannah came into this world… and she lived in onesies, vests and leggings for 4 months.  All of these beautiful clothes were hanging in her wardrobe, and as time went on they got pulled out and moved further down and back into the wardrobe to make room for the “practical clothes”.  There were a few times that I put her in the nice bits, but it never really ended well!  For my birthday I put her in the beautiful cashmere Burberry cardigan (with hindsight the human embodiment of the shamed monkey emoji) and she did such an explosive poo  (sorry tmi) that it went all over the cardigan.  This was the end of really nice clothes for Savannah!

She is never still; some part of her is always moving, and she spends the majority of her day climbing, running or dancing.  She’s also not really a little girly girl like we had expected.  If she had a choice between playing with babies and rolling in mud, it would always be the latter.  She’s like a force of nature, and we all affectionately call her feral.  So I have always dressed her in trousers or leggings and jumpers which I believe matches her personality.  Dresses and skirts never seem to suit her or what she does!  But with this decision I have had to put up with 2 years of people saying she looks like a boy, or that I “always wanted a boy” bla, bla, bla.

I think it’s really easy to feel worried about other people’s perceptions, but the way you dress your child is a personal thing, and something you do with the best knowledge of them and their personality.  I have friends who dress their kids in posh coats and boots everyday, and some who put frilly skirts on, but they can do what they want because that’s their child.  I also know people who put their little boys in patterned leggings, and god forbid, pink and red.

There are days when she’ll be dressed head to toe in all blue, or green, or black, but there are also days when she will be wearing pink.  Sadly she’s also now old enough to pick some bits out herself, so we’ve got a lot of Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol going on.  But she’s a toddler.  I really don’t think they give two shits about fashion, and it’s just silly that others will judge.  Unless I’m sending her out in freezing temperatures wearing a bikini or pants and vests, the disapproving looks and comments are just unneeded!

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