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Today I was at a friend’s house with Savannah and whilst there a friend of hers that I know but haven’t seen in a while, came round.  We had a good chit chat and catch up, talking about jobs and general banter.  Obviously Savannah, who loves to get the attention of everyone in the room, was the main topic, but then my blog came up. 

She said she had read a few posts I had written and found them “enlightening” for women without children to learn a little about what it is like. 

And that got me thinking.  Was “enlightening” a nice way of saying that my essay long posts and sometimes too honest honesty could possibly make babyless people think it’s all negative?  Are my 3 am mid-feed rantings scaring childrenless people into thinking having a baby must be a nightmare? 

Having had an evening to mull on this I have decided that I will write a positive post about all the ways in which having a baby has been amazing.

For a start, as every day goes by I see more of a little person.  Although she is very much still my baby, now this toothy little individual has her own personality and she is no longer the newborn baby that just laid there staring blankly at walls.  Instead she is an intelligent and funny little girl that makes me smile even when I want to sleep or cry, or both.  She talks to me in her own way,  and responds when I talk to her.  She is inquisitive and curious to learn about everything, and despite lamenting how quickly the time has gone, I very much look forward to seeing what kind of person she will become and having a hand in making her the best she can be. 

Mother and baby spaces, when available,  are also amazing!  They are as big as, and close to stores as disabled spaces and I always have a smug smile on my face when I manage to get in one knowing that I can open my door to its full extent without bashing any other cars, and am mere seconds from the door.

Baby clothes are a huge positive!   Receiving them is fun but buying them is even better!  Going around baby shops and putting together little outfits is a great way to put Savannah to sleep and to compensate for my own lack of clothing know-how.  I love going to Savannah’s wardrobe every morning to pick out what she will wear, and bar the struggle to get her in them, putting them on her is a fun game.  The older she gets the more I try to put her in things that I think will suit her; I had thought I would be dressing her in beautiful dresses every day, but with her rough and tumble nature, more often than not I will put her in jeggings or leggings and a pretty top. 

Cuddles and kisses are the most heart-warming, satisfying and loveable things ever!  When she sits still long enough to cuddle me (generally in her sleep) I don’t think I could be any happier.  I would sell all of my possessions there and then to make that moment last forever.

Breastfeeding and co-sleeping have to be two of my favourite things.  Yes, there are stressful and sometimes trying moments, but all in all they allow me to be very close with Savannah and share lovely moments that I know I will sorely miss when she is weaned and in her cot.  Waking up in the middle of the night to her lovely little face is a great way of erasing all of the bad events of the day. 

Firsts!  Every new thing Savannah does amazes me.  I have my phone ready as soon as she has done something new, waiting for ages for her to do it again.  Her first sneeze, her first finger movements, her first smile and laugh, her first bottle, sitting up, crawling, standing (the list goes on), every little and big thing equally fascinate me.  Only this week she tried to imitate Ian clicking his fingers, and seeing the concentration in her eyes as she tried to make her two tiny fingers click made my heart melt and my head proud. 

Baby toes, for obvious reasons!

Baby farts, as above!

The different positions she manages to get into whilst sleeping are always a great source of amusement for us.  Bum in the air; hands cradling her face; completely stretched out on me and Ian; in a ball etc.  She always looks very peaceful and therefore laughing at her is ok!

Hearty, belly wobbling, uncontrollable,  fall over laughter.  From her.  It makes my ovaries do a happy dance seeing her so genuinely happy.

I don’t have to make an effort every day because people presume I look rough due to a lack of sleep, which is normally true, but also a fabulous excuse for going to Tesco in my pj bottoms.  And no one will tell you look rough,  or need to lose weight,  because “you look for having a baby!”

The greatest excuse ever!  Not many people will argue with you about cancelling last minute because your baby needs you or is grouchy.  A let down with a babysitter, cold or worst case, the shits, and suddenly you are sympathetically excused from any  social events you just can’t be bothered to attend.

All of a sudden you find a whole new level of love and respect for your parents, and develop a new type of relationship where they want to be with you and baby all the time.  And knowing how much they love their grandchild is enough to be able to emotionally blackmail them into last minute sitting jobs or purchases.

These are just a few of the many joys having a baby brings!  You feel so much love so suddenly for this tiny being that all of the long nights, crying and poo you’ve been warned about means nothing.  Your heart is so totally theirs that you would do and give anything for them to be happy and despite being the most difficult job it is by far the most rewarding.  Seeing Savannah change everyday makes me so proud and content in a way I never thought I could be. 

So I hope that my previous rants do not put anyone off.  Because if I had to, I would do it all again,exactly the same way, in a flash!

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    This made my heart melt and brought a tear to my eye. Thank you.

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    Yes to all of your questions (except maybe the one about peanuts. That, I don#7821&;t know). Your erection is an excellent barometer of your overall health. Exercise will help you.

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