Hello my name is Katie, and I have an EBay addiction


Hello, my name is Katie and I am an EBay addict!

I do love a bit of a bargain!

The girl who once loved to go shopping in Harrods is still in there somewhere, hidden beneath the mum who knows anything nice will be spat and or shat on.  I have some nice things still, I feel very lucky to have them, but they are currently residing in my wardrobe behind the tracksuit bottoms and the maternity trousers I like to pull out every once in a while and hide under a long jumper.

The same logic applies for buying nice stuff for Savannah.  Before having her I bought all kinds of flouncy, pretty, flowery dresses and outfits that I was sure she would wear every day; they are under or behind the vest tops and sleepsuits that she pretty much lives in.  I love to dress her up and make her look like a tiny person but it hurts my common sense and wallet to spend good money on nice clothes that she will a) probably ruin, and b) grow out of in no time at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love designer baby clothes; I am like a fiend looking on websites whilst feeding, working out what she would wear if we were rich enough to have Baby Dior outfits daily.  But this is in conflict with the fact that I am not rich enough and as much as I can push Ian to buy bulk Marks and John Lewis, I think even my powers of persuasion (manipulation) might struggle to justify spending that kind of money on a girl that sucks on her toes.

But then there was eBay!

Oh eBay, you suck me in with your bargains, watch lists and bidding wars.  I have my saved searches of clothes and shoes that I monitor (daily) and those items I like are saved to my watch list; this can be watched on all of my devices and enable me to be a savvy mofo on the move.

eBay burberrySome of the clothes I have bought Chunk are amazing.  I have taken a real liking to Burberry baby clothes and have filled nearly a whole draw with it.  She has three coats (duffle, trench and quilted), dresses, tops, tights etc. and yet I’m sure that all together I still didn’t pay as much as one of the coats originally cost.  I also tell myself, and Ian, that this way if they don’t fit or she ruins them, at least they cost a fraction of the price.  The only thing I had to promise him was that we wouldn’t end up looking like that infamous Daniella Westbrook photo.

I’m a stickler for authenticity and quality as I want people to look at her in awe, not in suspicion that we are a travelling family!  I look at every picture and compare it to my stuff to see if the labels, zips, buttons and stitching look the like real deal and then I sit and wait ready to bid at the right moment.  I’m not into bidding days before, oh no, I start making my move about 5 minutes before the auction ends and then I’m hooked.

It’s not just clothes though!

When we were shopping for a pram, Ian decided very early on that he preferred the Joolz prams over the Bugaboos instead of the Bugaboo ones because of the height advantage.  I couldn’t however spend the £800 being asked, and so I started looking on my lovely EBay.  We ended up getting one for just short of £300, which included delivery (I won’t get items if they need picking up because I’m too lazy, scared of being murdered and also rather anti-social).  It was in amazing condition and only looked a little used on the base, which is to be expected for something that is wheeled along floors and mud really!  I got a new mattress for the cot from Peppermint, and bought a new changing bag from EBay (again reduced) and had the perfect pram all ready for when we needed it.

We also got her cot, a Boori Eton model, off of EBay. This was the only time we have picked it up from the seller, as it was still in the box and brand new, and being sold for £300 less than John Lewis charged; also we picked it up on the way home from the Baby show in Birmingham, giving me good justification to get him to drive me there!!  We got the rest of her nursery furniture from the show with a discount as well so that was a good day for my bargain hunting ways!

Silver cross Boori nurserySince Savannah has been more into her chairs, we have bought the Baby Bjorn bouncer, £25 as opposed to £130 and her two Fisher Price Jumperoos each costing £35 plus postage.  Obviously I still buy new stuff like her new car seat, the Cybex Sirona, and her highchair, the OXO Sprout, but I get such a kick out of getting stuff I know we won’t have for long cheaper.  I think it’s a bit of deep-seated issue brought on by years of watching Bargain-Hunt, Dickson’s Real Deal etc. with my Nan.  I get a bit of a twitchy eye when I think I’m getting something for a good price.  It’s becoming a bit of problem. I had to ring Ocado recently to change an order that we were expecting and they had to narrow down which of the five emails listed under my name the order was under; having to explain to the guy on the phone that the new user discounts and money off vouchers were behind this was a rather cringe moment, but I still loved knowing I was saving money!

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