Making the charity giant chocolate easter egg


I had never made a chocolate egg, of any size, before yesterday, and yet for some reason when Ian asked me to make one for a charity Easter egg hunt in Windsor I presumed I would be fine with it. They wanted a giant chocolate easter egg and I didn’t have a lot planned during the week! I’ve made and decorated lots of cakes; I do the cakes for all family birthdays and even did my wedding cake, how hard could pouring and moulding a chocolate egg be?

More fool me for being so naive!

Melting 12 kilos of chocolate in a small kitchen is a task, but transferring said chocolate bit by bit into a 2 1/2 ft mould, then cradling it like Demi Moore whilst swaying the chocolate evenly around the mould was difficult to say the least.  Luckily whilst me and Ian did the egg, we had my Nanny Doreen on hand to look after Savannah (the woman is an absolute trooper!).

After wanting to either throw it put of a window or punch a hole in it a few times, we finally managed to get the egg halves set, sealed together and wrapped up and now I am mighty proud of us; especially as this is not for us to eat, it’s for charity!!  All the same though, the mould will be wrapped up and hidden away till next year as I don’t want to see it again until I have got over the trauma it has induced.

giant chocolate easter egg

giant chocolate easter egggiant chocolate easter egg9

giant chocolate easter egg

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