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I’m Katie, new(ish) mum to Savannah Grace.

I attempted writing a blog before two years ago, but it was a food blog, and sometimes I was just too hungry or too lazy to write, so that flopped! I also made the mistake of starting it just before my final year university exams, so bad idea!

But now I spend a large part of my day, and night, feeding bubba and am left relatively hands free watching the tv, so I thought that this starting one again would be a productive use of this spare time,  and now I have a lot more to write about.  Except when I sat down to start writing it I drew a blank and couldn’t think where to start; so instead I spent a lot of time designing it, delaying the inevitable writing of posts.  I tried as many delaying tactics as possible but I’ve finally decided to just write and hope that it’s not too rambling.

I had Savannah on the 16th August of this year and it has completely changed every single aspect of my life.  I talk about poo all the time, everyone I meet has seen one, or both, of my boobs, I do baby talk (admittedly to a baby), everything is left half done when I have to feed or change a nappy, I am always running late and my handbag has become changing bag number two.  I think in my naive pregnant mind I had envisaged me being calm and collected.  My bessi Google did nothing to calm me.  I read article after article about how babies are meant to sleep 16 hours a day and feed every three to four hours; I thought breastfeeding would be natural, pumping and bottle feeding would be easy, and dummies a big NO NO!  But after three months I have learnt a lot very quickly.  I was, and am, committed to breast feeding, and so we spent a fortune buying the whole Medela pump and feed system.  Sadly Savannah is not at all interested in taking a bottle.  Any bottle!  We have bought every make, shape and size and still no interest.  And she doesn’t sleep during the day, and feeds every hour or so, so all of a sudden the dummy came into play, but sadly, no interest in that either.  She is apparently a big believer in “the breast is best” motto!  So three and a half months in, I have stopped obsessively counting and checking every pee and poo she has, mothballed the pump and bottles, and bought every dummy Boots stocks.

All through my pregnancy my Nan told me that my life would never be my own again, and stupidly I brushed her comments off, reassuring her and myself that I would be fine.  In all reality I think I have been fine, but she was right; I had never expected to have to schedule showers and trips to the toilet around feeds, or to spend an hour a day sorting out toys and changing bags.  Nor had I expected my body to be so buggered for so long!!  But…. and this is a big BUT, I so love being a mum that it’s all 100% worth it.  She has made me a different, and hopefully better person; happier, less irritable, more patient, more maternal all around, and luckily for my husband and mum, cleaner!

I hope this blog will entertain and be of some use to people, as it was real mums on real blogs that reassured me that not every green nappy is bad, not every baby sleeps, takes dummies and bottles, and not to worry every time she coughed or sneezed.

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