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Savannah skills in seats

I just love it when Savannah learns a new trick.  She does something new once and for the next two days phones are poised at the ready to capture this new skill in order to show the world. I call Ian in feom the office like the house is on fire and I have the ipad ready to facetime my mum.  I find it hard to believe how quickly she learns new things and am constantly surprised by the things she does.

Case in point, Savannah in chairs.

We have a lot of chairs for her.  Bouncy chairs, swinging chairs, chairs with trays, anything to get her sitting and playing whilst I clean, cook, drink tea or just relax.

At home we have the baby Bjorn bouncer, an absolute life saver on many occasions, that she happily bounces herself in for a good half hour or so.  She’s always loved this chair but in the last month she has discovered that she can bounce herself out of it and onto the floor where she can yet again reconnect with her toes.  Now we have to strap her into it to ensure that she won’t come out; after a minor disagreement each time about the harness constraints she is back to her usual bouncy contented self.

In swing with her bunny

We also have the Mamas and Papas Baby Snug with play tray; although she can’t support herself yet, this chair is use able from 3 months and so offers her a bit more support than the Bumbo seat. Every time she uses it she becomes a bit better at steadying herself, even if it is primarily by planting her hands in the seat so she can chew the toys on the tray.

Witting up in mothercare highchairWe have recently invested in a Fisher Price Jumperoo walker bouncer contraption which she instantly fell in love with.   It does say it should be used by 6 months plus, however, she loves trying to stand up and walk and bounces on us all the time so we thought we would just try it out and she refused to he taken out of it. She went bat shit crazy, in a good way, and bounced away like she was on something.   By her second time in it she had realised that there was a mirror on the side.  By the third time she was reaching the toys attached to it and spinning them around.  And now it is an excellent way of being able to leave her for 10 minutes so I can drink tea, do the washing or just relax.  A slightly smaller version was bought very soon after for my Nan’s house so that she can jump in and allow me adult time in two locations, albeit adult time accompanied by the sounds of the jungle emanating from the jumperoo.

First day in big girl Joolz pram

Lastly there is the chair at my nans house.  It’s a Fisher Price tropical swing seat number that she has loved since she was about 3 weeks old.  When Ian bought the £200 4Moms Mamaroo chair, that we ended up taking back, my mum bought this second hand for my nan so that she could practice being in a chair.   She loved the music and being swung backwards and forwards.   Up until the early part of this month she has quite happily sat in this chair like a vegetable, content in swinging whilst being serenaded by instrumental nursery rhymes set to some sort of  calypso vibe.  But all of a sudden she started batting at the animals that hang above it.  She was moving in a crab like fashion whilst attempting to both catch it and escape from the chair.  These escape attempts continued into her sitting and lying as she has started to roll over and end up on her back flailing her arms and legs like a stranded turtle.  She also makes new noises to express her displeasure at being unable to move, making her sound a little like a baby dinosaur.

I’m really hoping that her quick way of learning new skills helps me and her when we start Baby Led Weaning!!


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