Our lovely Christmas


And so another Christmas day has come and gone!

I had hoped this year would be a little bit easier than last, as 2014 saw me trying, and failing, to cook a meal for 7 people with a 3 month old baby almost permanently attached to my boob!

There were only 3 adults and one small person to eat so on paper it seemed like a lot less work; plus Ian can have her in 2 or 3 hour stints now so I would have some time alone to prepare and cook.
Sadly, Savannah is only 16 months and definitely not old enough to under Christmas.  This also means that we were not able to bribe her to bed with threats of no Santa or presents!  Combined with her stinking cold that doesn’t seem to be shifting any time soon and her general excitement at all of the wrapping paper and sticky tape flying around the house it was past midnight when she finally decided to close her eyes and go to sleep.  Clearly no preparation was done on Christmas Eve!


Christmas morning and she wakes at 7 after a rough night of coughing and very little sleep all around.  Thankfully she doesn’t realise the significance of the day and carries on with throwing her toys around and running from room to room happily whilst Ian slept in.  As lovely as this is to watch, it’s not really conducive with cooking and so instead we sat and played until Ian woke up.

We did try to get her enthusiastic about the presents and Christmas but bless her she was clearly more excited about what was on TV.   I asked her to give Ian her card and she threw it away and said “no!”.  By the time my family arrived with more bags of presents for her she was in overdrive and just darting around.  I opened present after present for her and watched her as she occasionally eyed them up and then returned to her old toys in the corner.  She was absolutely spoilt rotten by everyone but it didn’t seem to phase her at all.


Luckily the dinner wasn’t hard work and tasted good!  Ian took shifts in looking after her so I could get the food ready and by the time my brother arrived we were on track to eat.  Obviously my perfectly cooked, steaming hot dinner was eaten nearly cold and one handed as I attempted to shovel spoonful’s of food into her mouth, but all the same it was enjoyable.  It was especially enjoyable as most Christmas’s there are loads of us and I end up having a nervous breakdown half way through about the timings of food and whether everyone is happy.  But none of that today!   The turkey was not dry and the veg wasn’t over done, and I managed to have it all in the dishwasher and away within minutes.  Oh the simple pleasures of adult life!

By the afternoon she was clearly moody and shattered but unlike all of her new toys there is no off button or batteries to pull with her and so she carried on emptying every box and bag, and distributing her stuff throughout every space of every room.  But then all of a sudden she cheered up and the day went from good to great.  She played with her toys and smiled and giggled and it like our own little Christmas miracle.


And then she was happy in the bath, and remained happy when I took error out and got her changed for bed.  There was no kicking, or screaming or crying.  She opened her mouth for calpol and no fingers were lost or damaged when brushing her teeth.   We cuddled in bed and read stories and after feeding her she went to sleep in her “big girl bed”.

And then I sat down!  I smiled the smuggest smile I’ve ever smiled and revelled in the 2 hours or so I got to myself (a long old stretch of adult time in our house!).


She can be a complete and utter pain in the arse sometimes, and she takes us to the very point of crying, but seeing her having so much fun and entertaining everyone made it all so very worth it!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!  I hope it’s been as magical as ours xxx

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