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When I was about 7 months pregnant, I dragged the hubby along to the baby show in Birmingham so we could look at nursery furniture. Apart from getting a good bargain on the silver cross furniture we also decided to get a carrier that we could both use comfortably. I had done some research previously online and quite fancied the Stokke MyCarrier and after watching a demonstration and having it placed on my other half with a scary looking fake baby inside we decided that it was the one for us. Although it was expensive, RRP £139, it seemed extremely safe and looked good, plus it fit both of us, which was a worry as we both have very different frames. It’s a 3-in1 carrier so the baby can be put in on the front facing in or out, or on the back. It also can be used from newborn to about three years or 15kg so it seemed extremely practical, making the hefty price a little more understandable.
Stokke MyCarrierIt stayed in its box in the nursery for the first month or so as I was a little nervous to try it out. Then one day the husband took it out of the box and TRIED to assemble it. It consists of three pieces (the main harness, the front carrying bit and the back bit for when you want to start using it). Being a typical man he went into it without reading or even acknowledging the instructions and so found it rather difficult to get together; so I with my ultimate female knowledge of instructions gave it a go, and probably failed more epically than he did!

Stokke MyCarrier

The picture guide is about as helpful as a chocolate teapot, and after half an hour of him looking smuggly on as I struggled we gave up. Back in the box it went to wait until we were both calmer.

Then we went to Cornwall to visit friends for a couple of days. The thought of hauling her pram in and out of the car was a bit much so we opted to take the MyCarrier and learn on the job, so to speak. This time we successfully got her in it, but being a month old I felt she was a bit too floppy to be in it and we took her out amid her screams of displeasure.

Trying it out in Cornwall and looking as unsure as I felt!

Trying it out in Cornwall and looking as unsure as I felt!

The next attempt was in Costco when Savannah was about 3 months old. She definitely prefers being carried over being in her pram or car seat, and after half an hour of trying to amuse her with every toy we had to hand, I went to the car and got the carrier. I had been told prior to this that there were videos on YouTube ( which made getting her in and fastening it up a lot easier, so I quickly watched them before rushing back in with half assembled and on me. And voila!! She loved it! By this point she could hold her head up and so I put her facing outwards on my front and there was no crying, no fussing, just pure enjoyment from being so close to me and being able to see the world around her at the same time.

Stoke MyCarrier

After that I used it a couple of times for a short period, with her facing in and out, but the real test was a couple of days ago when I used it to walk to the shops and back (a fourth minute round journey). Again I had her facing out, and it was great for me and her. In fact, the baby that does not sleep during the day slept, and slept well. A couple of times I had to put my finger under her nose to check she as alive so surprised was I that she was so asleep. I also like the little pockets on either side that I stuck my cards and keys in, leaving me truly hands free and able to not take my handbag with me. The removable spit up cloths that fit on the front are also a nice touch as with Chunk teething there is an excessive amount of dribbling going on.

Alright it took a while to get the hang of the MyCarrier, with a bit of patience and the YouTube videos I found it easy to do again and again. It’s a little weighty to wear inside, so I use a babasling round the house, but for walks around it is brilliant. It’s a shame that the instructions aren’t very user friendly, but as I previously said, the videos are much better.

It feels very safe to wear as it’s literally all belt and braces, meaning that sometimes getting her out is like breaking someone out of Alcatraz. I have found a couple of times that there is one hidden buckle or button still done up preventing me from getting her out. It does however make walking around Waitrose a joy as I don’t have to have the basket and her pram.  Ian loves it as he can carry her around without me moaning at him that she might fall, and she does’t cry as she loves being carried.

Ian Stokke MyCarrier

I will write again later when she’s old enough to be on the back as I’m sure working that out will be another adventure all together 🙂

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